Monday, November 10, 2008

Spotlight: Paul Ryan

With numerous defeats still fresh in our minds, it is time to look to the future of the party. Those who will fall back to our roots on economic freedom, who do not buy into government intervention policies and who will fight for pro-growth reform. A well-spoken, charismatic and youthful candidate who will embody our dearest principles and bring our party back to prominence.

Let us look no further than the Casanova's native Wisconsin-

An ambitious and bright 38 year old congressman from the first congressional district, Paul Ryan has as good a chance as any at leading us towards salvation.

Having just been reelected to his sixth term in Congress, Mr. Ryan enjoys a loyal and devoted following. He has always achieved wide margins of victory over his opponents, garnishing a healthy 64% showing in last week's contest. As impressive as that statistic is on its own, consider the fact that the biggest section of his district, Racine County, voted for Obama 53-46%. Mr. Ryan obviously possesses appeal to members of both parties as well as independents.

Being the highest ranking Republican on the House Committee on the Budget, a member of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, and serving on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, Mr. Ryan frequently touts his conservative fiscal policies.

Ryan is a firm believer in a free market philosophy. He has called himself the "Paul Revere of fiscal policy" due to his desire to call attention to the damaging effects of socialism and government intervention. He is the only man who can stand against San Francisco Pelosi and the stammering idiot who oversaw the largest economic collapse in American history, Barney Frank.

The Wall Street Journal published a story focusing on the Congressman last week. In it, they write "...Mr. Ryan's economic knowledge and youthful energy make him the best choice to pull his party in a more promising direction."

Let us face facts: the GOP has been putting candidates up for president who were portrayed as too old or out of touch and at times had trouble forming coherent sentences: George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush and John McCain.

Here we have an opportunity to run a young candidate who is energetic, communicates effectively and looks good on television.

In a year which Barack Obama proved style is more important than substance, Paul Ryan is in the enviable position of possessing both.

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