Thursday, November 20, 2008

Minnesota's "Hanging Chad"

Remember the "hanging chad" debate which consumed the Florida recount of 2000?

Well here is what the dispute looks like eight years later...

In the increasingly contentious race between Senator Norm Coleman and Al Franken, ballots are being meticulously reviewed by both sides.

The image posted above represents an example of one such ballot the Franken campaign wishes to be tossed out.

The 107 recount sites have until December 5th to submit their numbers to the state canvassing board. The board will then meet on December 16 to declare a winner but the outcome will almost certainly be determined by the court.

Franken's arrogance reached a new level when he toured the Capitol and met with Senators Wednesday. The Coleman camp called that move "highly presumptuous".

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Patrick Truax said...

I think it is official that Franken lost. One thing I do know is that Missouri remains a Red State..