Monday, November 17, 2008

A Possible Scenario

In an appearance last week on Jay Leno, the former presidential candidate jokingly hinted at a run in 2012. Leno asked the question and McCain shrugged his shoulders while grinning. The audience cheered but the Senator said the nation now belongs to a new generation of Americans.

So what does Senator McCain do now? Where does he go from here?

President-elect Obama met with his former opponent today in Chicago to discuss how the two of them might work together to solve the many problems facing our nation.

Last week I wrote that McCain ought to get the nod as Secretary of State but a number of people took me too literally. I was merely being facetious and trying to invoke a comparison to the fictional West Wing and how close reality mirrored the show.

Secretary of State is the president's personal representative to the world. One of Barack Obama's main tasks is to improve a tarnished American reputation abroad. The world witnessed change on November 4th and it would not be in our nation's best interest to parade a man around the globe who so many compare to George W. Bush. It would send two conflicting messages and could endanger the country.

However let me state that I am serious when I say John McCain would be an excellent choice for Secretary of Defense.

President-elect Obama has a plethora of domestic issues he needs to be focused on; a shaky economy being the most daunting. He can not neglect the international concerns and foreign policy questions which will present themselves on a daily basis. He needs a strong and capable leader who is ready on January 20th to assume the role that is crucial to defending this country.

When the issues of national security and safety at home were the primary concern of voters, McCain carried that group and pretty overwhelmingly in some states. He also won 2/3 majority from members of the military. He is a respected and accomplished man and will work tirelessly to ensure the safety of America.

Surely his appointment as Defense Secretary would alienate liberals but it would prove Obama to be a man of his word; a man who can transcend party lines to find the best man for the job.

Realistically it is a long shot.

But it would certainly be beneficial to America to have John McCain as a leader in the new administration as our threats grow more dangerous every day.

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