Thursday, December 4, 2008

SCOTUS & Obama

The Supreme Court of the United States will consider Friday whether or not to take a case challenging President-elect Obama's citizenship.

I'll give you a moment to digest that.

Now this case has absolutely no chance of securing a spot on the coveted Court's agenda but it is gaining undeserved attention.

Dozens of other cases have been filed regarding Obama's citizenship. Some claim he was not born in Hawaii, while others say he renounced his citizenship during a trip to Indonesia.

It has now been thirty days since the election. Obama's opponents need to be gearing up for a hard-fought contest in the midterm elections and an even more difficult struggle in 2012.

These people need to stop wasting time and energy on frivolous lawsuits and unfounded accusations. America is divided over our new president-elect and will remain so for the duration of his stay in office.

Gridlock is fine. Disagreement and debate on the issues is encouraged.

But to emphasize a non-issue regarding Obama's birth is ludicrous.

To wrap up how ultimately meaningless these cases are: One such lawsuit filed by a Kentucky man is also suing "All News Media" and another case was filed by Alan Keyes.

Alan Keyes?

Case closed.

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