Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Celebrity President

What kind of music does he listen to? Is he a mac or pc guy? What is his exercise routine? What is his favorite food? Where does he buy his suits?

Each of these questions were written by "journalists" and sent to the transition offices in search of an answer.

President-elect Obama is not harassed about the intricacies of the Bush Doctrine.

He is not quizzed on world leaders.

And when he was asked outside of a deli in Chicago last month his plan for an economic turnaround, he held up a paper bag and arrogantly replied "We got the Reuben".

Reporters laughed and found his answer both charming and witty.

Hiding inexperience and incompetency through humor does not work well for a presidential candidate; just ask Governor Huckabee.

So why is it acceptable for a president-elect to do so?

As Amie Parnes of The Politico writes,

"Welcome to the world of the celebrity president".

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