Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beating A Dead Elephant

I did not plan on addressing this issue again but the liberal media is keeping this story in the headlines. It continues to annoy me on an almost hourly basis and I will try to put it to rest here.

General Powell is angry at the GOP and over the weekend decided to attack conservatives, Evangelical Republicans, and particularly Rush Limbaugh.

He believes conservatives are out of touch with the issues; he blames Christians for trying to polarize the election and Rush Limbaugh, in Powell's view, is an extremist.

"Extremist" is nothing new. This is a term the left will hurl at conservatives who stick to principle and conservative philosophy. Even your humble Casanova, from time to time, has been labeled an "extremist".

Powell was livid when El Rushbo exposed the true reason for his endorsement of Barack Obama: Race.

The General suggests in 2012 the GOP finds moderate Republicans who are appealing to Democrats and independents.

General- did you sleep through 2008?

Did we not just nominate a moderate Republican with appeal to liberals?

This quintessentially proves El Rushbo's theory: Powell wanted John McCain to be the nominee. Initially he was a strong supporter. McCain ends up winning the nomination. Obama scores an upset over Mrs. Clinton. Powell endorses Obama based on race.

Powell says "I'm a fiscal conservative. I don't get into the social stuff."

'Stuff'? Are you referring to abortion General?

It seems as though he has yet another similarity with the president-elect: Those decisions are above his pay-grade.

I am not alone in thinking that a "moderate Republican" is a closet Democrat.

General Powell, and to a lesser extent Senator McCain, represent the people who have taken this party to the edge of disaster.

Nearly every Republican consultant, analyst, politico, etc. are advocating a return to conservative roots.

Conservatives the likes of Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Bobby Jindal are the new faces of this Grand Old Party.

General Powell, Senator McCain- Please exit to your left.

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michele said...

You hit it again Casanova! To the left is where they fit in and where they belong. We didn't have a choice, but to stand by McCain, but many of us felt McCain wasn't the best choice because he didn't really represent the party. I pray that our party gets itself organized, gets back to its roots and starts grooming someone to run in 4 years who speaks,lives and votes the values and beliefs of the Republican party. We need to get rid of these RINOS! (Republicans In Name Only)