Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Cinderella Story

President-elect Obama's horse-drawn carriage is quickly turning back into a pumpkin.

Members of his own party are infuriated with their new leader. Based upon cabinet appointments and recent policy statements, it turns out their chosen one might be a bit of a centrist, and not the far left loon they were hoping for.

With his recent reversals in a number of campaign promises, he has managed to alienate many of his once diehard supporters. “There’s a concern that he keep his basic promises and people are going to watch him,” said Roger Hickey, a co-founder of Campaign for America’s Future.

During the campaign he pledged to tax windfall profits from oil companies. As president-elect, he has now retracted that statement. He drew praise from liberals when he vowed to immediately repeal most of the Bush tax cuts. Now, he hints
that he will choose not to repeal and merely allow them to expire by 2010.

Perhaps the most troubling news to the left comes regarding Iraq: Obama's outspoken opposition to the war and hopes for an immediate withdrawal endeared him to Cindy Sheehan supporters abroad. But let us take a look at Obama's national security team: Senator Clinton who was ostracized by many liberals for supporting the war and a Bush insider in Secretary Gates.

Obama's God-like appeal seems to be rapidly fading.

Could the Messiah be in fact a mere mortal?

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