Monday, December 8, 2008


Thomas Jefferson was once asked if he would rather do away with government or newspapers.

He chose government because he felt newspapers served as watchdogs for the public. In his view, they were the first line of defense for the American people from a meddlesome government.

Theoretically that same principle holds as true today as it did more than two centuries ago.


There are a number of conclusions to draw from the prolonged presidential election: Americans are dissatisfied with the status quo; they blame (justly or not) the lion’s share of today’s problems on the Republican Party; the presidential public finance system is obsolete; style is certainly more important than substance; and so on.

But another revelation stemming from the election would surely anger Mr. Jefferson: The news media has blatantly and overwhelmingly sided with the liberal agenda. They have inexplicably abandoned their objectivity and are hopping on the Democrat bandwagon.

‘Revelation’ may have been a bit exaggerated as a number of individuals have hinted at the media’s closet liberalism for years. This presidential contest should have convinced even the most stubborn naysayer of a clear bias.

I have advocated since November 4th for the GOP to reinvent itself with fresh faces and bold new ideas. To avoid future losses, renovation is crucial. Republicans are now taking responsibility for two consecutive, disheartening elections. We are getting our house in order, but it is equally important to recognize the media as a megaphone for the Democrats. It is crucial for the electorate to realize the media is no longer a non-partisan element; they now openly promote shifting this country drastically left of the center.

They failed in their responsibilities to their audience. Facts were manipulated or ignored in some cases. False accusations were hurled on a daily basis. Stories were crafted and liberal spin was rampant. The media did not live up to any degree of professionalism and the American people, who own the airwaves, should be outraged.

Where was the investigative journalism? Where were the Woodwards and Bernsteins of today? Where were Teddy Roosevelt’s muckrakers?

What happens when the top watchdogs of government become its’ most faithful cheerleaders?

I have a sneaking suspicion we are about to find out.

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