Thursday, June 26, 2008

SCOTUS and Obama

Just a few moments ago the Supreme Court of the United States struck down the 32 year old ban on handguns in the District of Columbia. The 5-4 decision is a major victory in terms of abiding by the framers' intent in the Constitution and represents the biggest decision on the Second Amendment since its ratification in 1791.

The Justices believe all Americans have the right to possess firearms for hunting and self defense. In this era of judicial activism and radical liberal judges conducting legislation from the bench, it is refreshing to witness the highest level of the judiciary in this country respect the sanctity of the Bill of Rights.

This will surely become a campaign issue for the candidates to debate as Senator Obama has already reversed yet another position; someone ought to be running a tally on his flip-flops by now.

On November 20, 2007 Obama admitted to reporters from the Chicago Tribune that local communities had the right to decide if the presence of handguns was lawful or not. He then went on to say he agreed with the ban on handguns in Washington, D.C.

But just prior to this morning's ruling, the Obama camp disavowed that statement, calling it "inartful". While I am not a scholar by any means, I am quite stumped by that characterization.

Ben Smith from the Politico is one of the most talented political writers covering this election and wrote a unique observation this morning. "In elements of Obama's record, he seems always to have had an eye on the national stage, avoiding the positions of a politician who represented a city district..."

Obama is a cowardly man who refuses to take any position on a divisive issue because he is worried about the repercussions that accompany having principles. A man with no principles can easily say he was for a measure one day yet against it the next.

He has nothing creative or original to add to the national conversation on any issue and will only deceive the electorate by refusing to choose a position and then stand by that decision regardless of the consequences.

This is a stark contrast to the Maverick who proudly proclaims "I'd rather lose an election than lose a war".

Speaking of Senator McCain, he should attract supporters today as he has been a steadfast and loyal proponent of the Second Amendment for years.

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