Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Politics As Usual

"Never underestimate the unique ability the Republican Party possesses in blowing an election."

I wrote the above line on an April 7th post and it certainly holds true today.

The GOP has recently declared that they will attack Michelle Obama in the upcoming election. They will take to the airwaves with an abundance of commercials that question not only her character but her patriotism. They will distribute volumes of literature which practically label her "un-American".

While I privately share those views it will certainly back fire on the party because independents are the voters who will ultimately decide this election and if they feel the least bit of sympathy for Mrs. Obama they will vote for the Democrat Party.

This tactic failed miserably when the republicans went after Mrs. Clinton in the 1990s and has shown no potential to be more effective in this election cycle. Mrs. Obama will become a lightning rod for her husband's campaign while he cruises into the White House.

With the abundance of material Obama and his shady associates have provided the GOP, there is no need to engage Michelle Obama as well. But if it is unavoidable for the republicans, if they feel they must get their message out regarding Mrs. Obama, stick to the issue ads and avoid making partisan character attacks.

Create an advertisement that raises eyebrows concerning her position at the University of Chicago Hospital. She serves as vice president of community affairs and her salary has been egregiously increased due to her husband. In 2004 just before his election to the Senate, Mrs. Obama brought in $122,000 per year. In 2005, just one year later and serving in the same capacity, it increased to $317,000 due to her husband's new found influence in Washington.

Another ad that should find airtime might question why Senator Obama placed an earmark in excess of $1 million that would go directly to his wife's employer. Perhaps it was to cover her enormous pay raise?

"Change We Can Believe In" has to be recognized as Chicago liberal politics as usual. This city has a long and storied history of political corruption and Obama fits the mold.

These are the messages the GOP needs to preach to the masses.

While the left attacks Cindy McCain and will continue their unfounded accusations; conservatives must do what we do best: Take the high moral ground and stick to the issues.

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