Thursday, June 5, 2008


After 54 contests to decide the nominees for the election in November we have our lineup, as pitiful as it might be.

With Mrs. Clinton bowing out this weekend Senator Obama will lead the liberals in their assault on this country. "He Has A Dream" is the headline that covers The Sun, a prominent newspaper in the United Kingdom. I am not sure when the media decided to anoint BHO as Martin Luther King reincarnated but it could not be further from the truth.

Senator Obama can leave Trinity United Church of Christ as he did earlier in the week but make no mistake about it: Obama is Trinity. Everything preached by the wrong Reverend Wright and the slew of other hate-mongering, liberation type ministers fell upon BHO's agreeing ears.

This man was given the nomination by the far left liberals in his party and especially those who hide themselves within the media. The primary objective for investigative journalists is to properly vet a candidate for public office, especially when he is running for the highest office in the free world. But there was no such investigating happening. They left Obama's numerous skeletons in his closet for the republicans to find, only to then cast the GOP out as partisans engaging in dirty politics.

Style is certainly more important than substance in America today which is bad news for Senator McCain. I cringed while watching his speech Tuesday night to a receptive crowd in New Orleans. The rhetoric was well crafted and the charges being made against the freshmen senator from Illinois were accurate but the delivery was anything but spot on.

Mark Halperin who is a very talented writer for Time magazine has a good take on the election. He believes that foreign policy is not important to voters when the economy is in the tank. While I do not share his summation of the economy it is obvious things have begun slowing down; after periods of record growth brought on by the Bush tax cuts and a republican congress a slowdown is inevitable. But I do share his sentiment: Americans are more worried about their jobs and making ends meet than they are with Iran. And that is bad news for the maverick come the general.

McCain is in the unenviable position of running against two distinctly different opponents- Obama and Bush. Not only does the maverick have to quell this inexplicable Obama momentum in this country, he also has to drive home the point that he is quite different from President Bush. This is not an easy task, especially when the only talking point within the entire Obama machine is to paint McCain as a Bush cronie.

A major part of this election has now reached its culmination and pundits now are focused on the VP candidates. The importance placed on the bottom of the ticket has grown exponentially over the years but this election seems to attract the most attention to the position; one which only holds two constitutional duties. (Breaking ties in the Senate and checking on the health of the president) Look for my thoughts coming soon.

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