Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Enough Green

The city of Minneapolis has committed an egregious violation of civil liberties which will unfortunately go unnoticed by many. They have just signed into law a bill which limits car idling to three minutes in order to curb car emissions for the sake of allegedly preserving the planet. So the next time you Minnesotans wish to warm up your car before driving on a frigid day this winter, best not exceed three minutes.

Minneapolis is not alone in violating individual rights. Seattle has proposed a ban on all bonfires held on their beaches due to the harm these fires supposedly can cause the atmosphere.

Simply put, legislation created in the hopes of combating climate change is 21st century socialism. No wonder the Democrat party embraces this "science"? This 'Green Movement' leads to increased government control in the daily lives of its citizens. The Democrats want to be in every aspect of our existence and now they can be when they use this planet saving propaganda.

Think I am being too irrational calling these green energy advocates 'socialists'? Think again-

In the United Kingdom, legislation has been proposed that will give every citizen an annual 'carbon use' card containing a strict allowance of how much carbon dioxide an individual is to emit each year. This will limit the individual's consumption of oil, electricity, gas and air travel to a specific amount every year.

Do not for one moment believe this thinking can not reach American shores because it already has. It lies within the very heart of the Democrat party and most importantly in their newly anointed leader.

But do not take my word for it. Let us take the words directly from Senator Obama himself:

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times …That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen.”

I would love for a fair-minded liberal, if any remain nowadays, to look me in the eyes and tell me the above statement is not the epitome of socialist rhetoric; wherein the distribution of resources is directly controlled by the government.

And I hate to break it to you Senator but I like my home at 69.


Brooks said...

Its a noble cause to criticize those that strive to save the planet. I am much more willing to only heat my car for three minutes than I am to allow unlicensed wire taps on all Americans. Conservatives will do anything to avoid talking about how terribly John Mcain is getting beat. 39% of the women vote, being out fundraised 2 to 1 and the Reverend Wright finally shut up. Furthermore, Mcain is still trying to sure up his conservative base by disavowing any of his bipartisan policies(like tax cuts and the GI education bill)this plays right into the hands of Democrats who's campaign to paint mcain as a third Bush term just got that much easier. BTW you can remove Obama's teleprompter but at least hes still spry enough to read a speech!

michele said...

It is foolish to think that any of these attempts to look "Green" actually do anything to save our planet.

Are you kidding? You are willing to heat your car for 3 minutes which does nothing, but not willing to allow wire taps on potential terrorists? We can thank Bush for not having had another attack on our soil because they are being proactive in making sure terrorist cells are being broken up. Regular citizens are not being wiretapped. I love how the left throws that out to scare people. If it keeps this country free of attacks on our soil go ahead and wiretap away.

Anything done to reverse the work to stop terrorism will allow them back in this country. God help us all if Obama gets in.