Friday, June 20, 2008


Senator Barack Obama has once again shown that his rhetoric on reform and change is empty and meaningless. He repeatedly made a pledge to the American people that his campaign would accept the public financing as has been tradition in this country since the 1970s. However in a complete reversal of his prior position, Obama announced he will not seek the public money and is therefore not subject to spending limits.

The old liberal adage has always accused republicans of buying votes. But here we have a clear example of a Washington liberal who will stop at nothing to win this election. He will grossly outspend Senator McCain (who has accepted the public money) and will go on to shatter campaign spending records.

Senator Russ Feingold, one of the most liberal head cases in the Beltway has even publicly criticized Obama's actions saying yesterday "This decision was a mistake."

Obama perpetrated a massive fraud of the American electorate. He vowed to accept the limits as late as February and now, a mere four months later, is committing a flip-flop that would make even Senator Kerry wince.

When Obama was spinning the story of his association with Trinity, his longtime pal Reverend Wright summed it up quite accurately: "He did what politicians do".

That line is fitting in this situation as well.

Is this "Change We Can Believe In" or simply a corrupt and radical liberal buying the White House with a blank check?

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michele said...

Once again we are seeing a candidate who can't debate the issues and can't win on issues. Clearly he is trying to buy the election. I suspect we will see more influence from Oprah and her wealthy friends as this campaign heats up.